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Diet & Nutrition :  Marcus Mojo Breaks Down What Works for Him

Having a strict and vigorous workout schedule will always help in getting you the body you want. However, the biggest key to success in body transformation comes from what you eat. Since food fuels your body, you need to eat a wide variety of healthy, strength and energy building foods. Fruits, vegetables, whole grains and lean protein will aid you in your workout regime, as well as your every-day lifestyle.

Next Door Star Marcus Mojo recently shared with us some tips and advice on what he eats to stay healthy, energized and look good.

‘First, I do not count calories’ he says. ‘I believe in quality over quantity and when I first started dieting, counting calories all day just made me crazy and hate the whole process.’

Many experts agree that counting calories leads to limiting or restricting yourself, which will only make yourself hungrier and stressed out and demotivates you during the whole process of your diet. Another thing to consider is that calorie labels can be very inaccurate. USDA labeling laws say that the calorie content of foods can vary up to 20% from the amount listed on the label, so take those labels as an estimate!

‘When it comes to carbs’ Marcus says, ‘I eat nothing but complex carbs, which means it doesn’t spike your insulin level, and gives you lasting energy. Things like brown rice, quinoa, oatmeal and 100% whole wheat bread’.  Complex Carbohydrates are made up of sugar molecules that are strung together in long, complex chains. They provide vitamins, minerals and fiber which are very important. Complex carbs include naturally occurring sugars, unlike processed or refined sugars which do not have the vitamins, minerals and fiber found in complex and natural carbohydrates. Refined sugars are often referred to as ‘empty calories’ because they serve little to no nutritional value.

‘See, when your insulin level spikes, then drops, you store fat, which obviously no one wants! Avoid any sugars, besides fruit in moderation’. Complex carbohydrates are found in peas, beans, whole grains and vegetables.

‘In terms of proteins, I feel it is important to have different types of animal protein due to their different BCAA values.’ BCAA values that Marcus refers to is branched-chain amino acids. When your glycogen runs low, your body relies on three types of BCAAs (leucine, isoleucine and valine) for fuel. Your body can’t produce BCAAs on its own, so you’ll need to get them from your diet.  BCAAs promote muscle growth and repair and reduce muscle soreness after exercise. ‘Don’t just stick to one protein, mix it up! Chicken, salmon, flank steak, any white fish, and eggs are what I eat a lot of for example.’

‘For fats, I eat lots of nuts, almonds, almond butter and avocado. And as for veggies, really anything green! Spinach is a winner. Basically, any veggies besides potatoes and corn, as those are starches and will spike your insulin level.’ Starchy foods can be metabolized as quickly and even quicker than sugar, which means that they can rapidly increase your blood sugar levels after eating.

Finally, Marcus adds ‘I do not add any salt to my meals! Only Pepper and salt-free seasoning.’ Too much salt can lead to high blood pressure, stroke, cardiovascular disease and other health issues. Cutting salt out of your diet will not only help you live longer, but help you shed extra weight as well, including the fat and weight in your face.

With a healthy and full diet, you’ll be able to get that ripped body and toned figure in no time! Remember, that there are many different diets, opinions and theories on what works for different people. Be sure to consult a nutritionist for what works best for your body type and lifestyle.

Check out Cody Cummings’ workout pictures, and get inspired to have an amazing body like him!

He was a dancer before he became an actor and it shows on his moves and agility, especially with the high kick. He trains 2 sometimes 3 times a day, which shows true dedication and commitment to staying fit. For a while he even considered becoming a professional body builder! He has stayed away from drugs and alcohol his entire life and is very conscious of what he eats.