Cody Cummings

Cody Cummings

Hi, this is Cody Cummings and I want to take this time to tell you a bit about me. First, I have to say that I’m not much into talking about myself, but since I’m sure you’d like to know a bit about me, I’ll make an exception,

In my off time, I dance a day or two a week, or when I have free time to be at home I enjoy spending time with my family, or lift weights, eat and sleep. But even during my off time, I have to work on my body the most, I love to train, and I train good.

My boxing is pretty damn decent and wrestling is where my combat skills root from. I also have got some good kicks, but I don’t fight, I’m a model, come on, you can’t hit me!

One of my pet peeves is that I won’t let anyone cut my hair. I do it, and that’s it. I am also so particular about customer service.

Some of my favorite things I enjoy are nice people, fancy shoes, ps2, Reese’s Butter Cups, tanning, and football.

I also love food and if I had a chef I would have chicken and eggs for every meal”.

  • Height: 5’9″
  • Weight: Between 165-175
  • Clothing Size: Large
  • Shoe Size: 9 1/2 – 10
  • Zodiac: Taurus
  • Chinese Zodiac: Goat
  • Lucky Number: 9
  • Favorite Time Of The Year: Summer
  • Favorite TV Show: South Park
  • Favorite Sport: Football
  • Favorite Holiday: Easter
  • Favorite Colour: Green
  • Favorite Music: Hip Hop
  • Favorite Hobby: Reading
  • Favorite Actress: Lena Headey
  • Favorite Actor: Kit Harington
  • Favorite Movie: Fear & Loathing in Las Vegas
  • Turn Off: Attitude

If you want to meet the real Cody, watch this interview, where he talks about himself without any filters, whatsoever.

He talks about his daughter, how he is proud of her in the most unselfish way possible, how he had a hard time when she was little and how he lost that love, but remained strong through it all. He talks about the hardships life threw at him, and how, because of some of those hardship he ended up in adult entertainment. It’s a very different person to what people are used to in a way, he is humble and even angry at times.

He is real.